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No family album is complete without including pets and friends.

From left to right. Barb lives in this town and we have worked together and been best friends for almost 30 years. Fran lives in PA and we have been best friends since our sophmore year in high school. The Bride (my daughter) and I have been best friends all of her life and of course me.

This was my dog Poochie until God told me it was time for him to take her home. You can read about her here

This is Miss Sadie whom many of you have met in her pages within my pages. She is the oldest of my cats adopted in February 1992. She thinks she is the Prima Dona of the family.

This is Snickers the clown of the family and my second cat adopted in September 1992. She claims my lap as much as possible.

This is Candy, she is the wild one in the family and likes to think she is boss. She was adopted in June 1996. She is now living with my oldest daughter.

This is Miss Patsy the newest member of my family. I adopted her 15 Nov 99 and she is fourmonths old and a real sweetheart. Candy and her have made up but she hasn't made up with Sadie and Snickers yet.

As of Nov 2000, Patsy went to a new home. I was moving and could not take her with me. I just hope and pray she is well taken care of, I miss her.

These are my Grandcats. Actually Peanut was my cat until my daughter Suzy talked me into letting her have one of my cats, now she is Suzy's. Suzy adopted Nosy for Pete for his birthday shortly after they were married.

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