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This is a special gift that my girls received today 12/2/99. They are so thrilled. Thank you cat named Dog and her Mommy.

We the girls received this gift today 12/3/99 from Cats in Company. Thankyou

This stocking is from Levi, Dusty and Flo. Thanks......MEOW

This is a gift that Patsy received from our friend Joy P. Patsy says Meeoow (Thank you)

The Cats have also received gifs from the Secret Santa Paws

Today we received our final gift from our Secret Santa Paws and we love it. We also found out that JACKY is our Secret Santa Paws. Thankyou Jacky for such beautiful gifts. Meeoow Meeoow Please visit his web site

We thank you Secret Santa Paws Meeoow


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