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"Tear of the Eagle"

The eagle of our land is shedding a quiet tear.
For a horrible tragedy that made us shake with fear.
It seems so senseless and we don't understand.
But God in his infinite wisdom, has a larger plan.

To bring our hearts together, holding each other near.
To let our family and friends know that we hold them dear.
To unite our country, standing together hand in hand
And showing the world the love of our land.

The price to pay was so very high.
Some never had the chance to say good bye.
But even with such a high price to pay.
I hope we don't take for granted a single day.

This tragedy has shaken us to the core.
But maybe, hopefully, it will open the door.
The door to peace, love and unity.
Is this God's plan? We'll just have to see.

Katherine M. Parisse

Copyright 2001 Katherine Parisse

This is written in memory and in tribute to all those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.
May their deaths be not in vain.
Love your fellow man and let us show the world just how much we can come together, to stand together, hand in hand.
God bless.

Used with Kathy's permission. Visit her website

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