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Hi everyone and welcome to my Home on the Web. My name is Margie. I am Mother to 4 grown children, 3 girls and 1 boy. I am Grandmother to 6 grandchldren, 4 boys and 2 girls. I am now also a Great Grandmother to a baby boy born Jan 8, 2002 and a baby girl born July 20,2002 and a third one due in Jan 2003.... I am also owned by Calico cat.

I was born and raised in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. Shortly after I graduated from High School I moved to Ohio to work as a civilian for the Air Force. I retired in 1987 after 30 years of service. I goofed off for a year and then went to work for KMart for another 10 years and am now retired from there.

I now spend my time on crafts and the Web. The Web takes up most of my time.

This page is an index to all of my pages.


A new web site has been added to Margie's Pages

Sadie and Shante's Doll Graphic Boutique

My Patriotic Poems and Songs Future
The Calico Cats Corner
All of the cats pages are together. Including Background Sets by Sadie, Globes and Cards by Sadie and Snickers and Songs by PatsyRose
Index to My Grandson's Pages
Poems by Marie My Birthday and Special Gift
The Card of the Da y Sadie's Home Sweet Home
A Deck of CardsMy Special Angel
US Air and Trade Show My Family Album
My Holiday PagesIndex to Poems
My Groups My WebRings
Links to My Favorite Sites OUR AWARDS
Apply for Our Awards Heartwarmers Pages and AlbumsAlbums Down

Please stay tuned for new pages. I have plenty of ideas in this old noggin and will be adding pages as these ideas formulate. Come back often to see what is new

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