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MYTH:There's no reason to neuter or spay. In order to be well-adjusted, male cats need to roam and enjoy sex, and females need to have kittens.

TRUTH:These are some of the biggest mistruths ever to circulate the globe. What was natural for our pets' wild ancestors is downright dangerous for today's house-cats. Unless a kitty is earmarked for a breeding program, eliminatig his or her ability to reroduce does your animal a great favor. It can be a lifesaver

MYTH: Keeping a cat indoors all the time is cruel and unnatural.

TRUTH:It's the other way around. Letting cats fend for themselves outside, even for a few hours a day, is to expose them to a host of dangers and diseases.

MYTH:Cats are loners, so it won't matter if my pet is home alone all day while I work.

TRUTH:Although they can be quite self-reliant when necessary, most cats are social creatures who need lots of attention and affection and shouldn't be left by thenselves too long. If your job keeps you away from home for most of the day, consider adopting two kittens so they can keep each other company.

MYTH:Cats and dogs are natural enemies who could never get along as pets in the same family.

TRUTH:Many cats are contented members of households where dogs, rabbits, hamsers, gerbils, birds, fish, turtles or iguanas are also in residence. In fact, some count dogs, rabbits or horses as their best buddies.

MYTH:It's not safe to let the cat near your baby. He will suck the breath from the infant

TRUTH:This is a superstition that probably dates back to medieval times when cats were considered to be evil spirits. Most cats aren't interested in babies. Those who are want nothing more that to cuddle with someone soft and warm who's about their size.

MYTH:Only a purebred kitten from a reputable breeder (or a mixed-breed cat from a shelter) will do.

TRUTH:There's no one-size-fits-all answer here. It takes a lot of thought and research to decide what sort of cat is best for you, whether you should choose a kitten or an older cat, and where you should go to adopt your new companion.

MYTH: Don't bother trying to rescue feral cats. They're impossible to tame and can never make satisfactory pets.

TRUTH:"Phooey, YOU try being constantly on the run from dogs, kids, raccoons and possums, climbing trees to seek shelter from the rain, and making do with lizard gizzards when your mouth is watering for turkey breast. It's trilling to be living indoors. Now that they're house cats, the view from the window is all the nature they need.

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