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CAROL BURNETT was starring on Broadway when she decided she needed a cat. She went to a local animal shelter and walked up and down. "I was waiting for something to happen, and it did. A little paw came out and I heard a meow and that was it. Roxy chose me."

JUDY COLLINS has two cats, Sunshine, a black Persian; and Midnight, a white Persian. "I know these two think of me as their mother," she said.

WYNONNA JUDD has a whole menagerie of stray cats that she has rescued during her travels and brought to live with her on her 550-acre ranch in Tennessee. And they live pampered lives, in heated and air conditioned quarters.

When ROBERT DeNIRO works in Hollywood, he and his cats stay in the Beverly Hills Hotel.

When SALLY JESSEE RAPHAEL, is on the set, she leaves a portait of herself near her blue-eyed cat Sheba so that she won't be lonely.

TV star VIVICA FOX relaxes with her bi-colored shorthair Snookie, and says "Cats make great pets. They're like, 'Whatever, Babe. We don't care. We still love you.'"

LINDA EVANS has a real cat, She, and a collection of ceramic cats.

Songwriter CAROL CONNORS likes her Abyssinian named Music Man so much that she asked her hair stylist Jose Ebert to tint her hair the same color as her cat's.


10 top tips to make life purr-fect for your cat

Golden Girl Rue McClanahan loves cats so much that her home is full of them.

'I've had animals all my life,' says Rue, and she learned some things that could help all cat owners. Here are her 10 most important tips.

1. If you buy a collar for your cat, get the type that stretches. That way, if it gets hung up on a tree branch or some other obstacle, he can get out of it.

2. Don't put a flea collar on your cat the moment you take it out of its packaging. Initially, there's a strong smell of medication that could overwhelm him. Hang the collar up for two hours to let it air out before using it.

3. Cats like to eat in quiet, secluded areas, away from bright lights or blaring radios and TVs.

4. Cats really dislike dirty dishes or chipped china, and sometimes will refuse to eat food that's not presented in a nice way. Wouldn't you?

5. If your cat claws your furniture and won't use a scratching post, get a water spritzer and spray it lightly at the cat every time he steps out of line. He'll soon get the message.

6. Some people recommend giving cats Vaseline or various oils for hair balls--but don't! Cats can breath these oils into their lungs, leading to fatal pneumonia.

7. Don't worry if your cat eats grass. He's probably doing it because it helps him to regurgitate hair balls he swallowed when licking his fur.

8. Keep the litter box away from the feed bowl, because a cat won't eat where he eliminates. If you have a problem with a cat wetting in the wrong place, put his food bowl there. It will usually stop him.

9. Some people declaw their cats, which takes away their self-protection. A cat allowed outside should not be declawed.

10. When you travel with your cat, always put him in a cage. If your cat gets scared, he can squirm out of your arms and run away in an instant.

Movies Your Cat Would Enjoy Watching With You

Hollywood knows how much we love cats. Here are just a few pet flicks worth checking out:

The Aristocats is an entertaining Disney film about a cat and her kittens who inherit a fortune from their late mistress and are then kidnapped by the scheming butler.

In Harry and Tonto, Art Carney as Harry gives an Oscar-winning performance as an old man who takes a cross-country trip with his cat as a companion. And Tonto won a Patsy, the award for best animal performance.

Rollicking comedy is afoot in the Disney comedy The Cat From Outer Space, starring Jake, an extraterrestrial feline.

A rakish dog named Tramp helps a pedigreed canine name Lady out of a jam in the animated feature Lady and the Tramp, which features the voice of Peggy Lee.

You'll be lucky to catch Rhubarb on American Film Classics. It's about a millionaire who leaves his baseball team to his pet cat.

In That Darn Cat, a young Hayley Mills stars in a suspense comedy about a fearless Siamese that helps her (and the FBI) mop up some bad guys.

Guaranteed to bring tears to any eye is the Disney jewel The Incredible Journey, a touching adventure of two dogs and a Himalyan cat names Sassy, given a wonderful voice by Sally Field.

What Your Cat's Antics Really Mean

When a cat brings a dead mouse home. It's not a gift for you, as many pet owners assume.
The cat is merely bringing its trophy to a place where it can eat it in privacy, explains Univ. of British Columbia animal behaviorist Dr. Abbe Schwarz.
If you don't believe it, just watch how your cat scampers off with its "gift" as you try to approach, says Dr. Schwarz.
If your cat refuses to look at you after you scold it, don't think he's petulant or angry at you. The cat is merely acknowleging your superior position in the relationship.
And when a cat greets you by rubbing its head against your cheeks, the pet isn't just showing affection--it's also "marking" you with its scent from glands located on either side of its chin!

One In A Million

Mercedes the cat is dfinitely one in a million.

This amazing black feline stowaway ran away to sea in 1990 from her home in Kent, England, and incredibly survived for 50 days without food or water, locked in a metal shippng container containing a Mercedes Benz automobile in the hold of an oceangoing vessel.

Mercedes finished up in Port Adelaide, Australia, 17,000 miles away, weighing only four pounds and at death's door. For almost two months, Mercedes, who must have had a full stomach when she accidentally got locked in the container at dockside, kept herself alive by licking condensation inside the metal crate.

The Australian owner of the Mercedes Benz was so impressed with the cat's foritude that she decided to adopt the gutsy little fighter. And it was her new owner who gave the cat her new name -- Mercedes.

The above information was taken from a little book "The all new ABCs of CATS". By Martha Moffett 1999 MicroMags 600 East Coast Avenue, Lantana, FL 33464-0002. printed in the USA.

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