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      Hi I'm Sadie back to you with a card my human sister found for us girls to give to Mother one year for Mother's Day.


      Top Ten Reasons Why I Put Up With You~~~~

      10. You don't expect me to do demeaning tricks.

      9. You've finally learned what kind of cat food I'll eat.

      8. You accept hair balls as a fact of life.

      7. Your furnishings make terrific scratching posts.

      6. You hate taking me to the vet almost as much as I hate going.

      5. You think it's cute when I knead my claws on you.

      4. Two words: people fool.

      3. You know better than to try to give me a bath.

      2. You let me have my space~~~which often includes your lap.

      And the NUMBER ONE reason I put up with you is~~~

      You respect me as a person!!

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