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Hi everyone I am back again. As you can see from the picture above I am at my second best hobby, watching TV especially if there are birds or cats on there, some times I even like to watch those things going across the screen when Mommy has that black box on her lap and I can't get up there.

Mommy was grocery shopping the other day and found another cute cat book with lots of neat stuff in it about cats and I asked her to share some of it with you.

AGE: Here is a handy chart that reveals your cat's age in human years.


1 month----------------------------5-6 months
2 months--------------------------9-10 months
3 months----------------------------2-3 years
4 months----------------------------5-6 years
5 months----------------------------8-9 years
6 months-----------------------------14 years
7 months-----------------------------15 years
8 months-----------------------------16 years
1 year-------------------------------18 years
2 years------------------------------25 years
3 years------------------------------30 years
4 years------------------------------35 years
5 years---------------------------38-40 years
6 years---------------------------42-44 years
7 years------------------------------45 years
8 years------------------------------48 years
9 years------------------------------55 years
10 years-----------------------------60 years
11 years-----------------------------62 years
12 years-----------------------------65 years
13 years-----------------------------68 years
14 years-----------------------------72 years
15 years-----------------------------74 years
16 years-----------------------------76 years
17 years-----------------------------78 years
18 years-----------------------------80 years

Here are some Questions and Answers about cats.

QUESTION: Can a cat see in the dark?
ANSWER: No, that's a myth. However, they can see six times better in the dark than humans, using whatever light is present.

QUESTION: What causes a cat to purr?
ANSWER: Experts think the purring sound is produced by two folds in the larynx, behind the true vocal cords. Generally cats purr to express contentment. But dying cats have also been known to purr.

QUESTION: Can cats detect an earthquake before we do?
ANSWER: Yes. Scientists believe cats can sense the vibrations of an earthquake before the quake hits. Researchers are now trying to find out whether there is a link between how disturbed a cat becomes and the magnitude of the quake.


These are the cats that wrote the book

Most Cats: 632. That's how many cats live with Jack and Donna Wright of Kinston, Ontario. The Wrights spend $111,000 each year caring for their furry friends.

Most Famous Cat In Ads: Morris was rescued from an animal shelter in Chicago and went on to appear in 40 advertisements for Nine Lives Cat Food. He had a lifetime contract and was on the board of directors of the company.

Birth Record: Dusty, a prolific female of Bonham, Texas, is said to have given birth to 420 kttens in her 17 years, averaging almost 25 kittens a year.

Heaviest Cat: Himmy is the heaviest cat on record. This neutered male tabby was documented at 46 1/2 pounds.

Most-Traveled Cat: Hamlet escaped from his cage during a flight from Toronto, Canada, and is thought to have traveled more than 600,000 miles in the planes's cargo hold in the next seven weeks. The world read about his plight in the daily press.

Richest Cat: Blackie was left $15 million in the will of his millionaire owner, Ben Rea.

Biggest Wedding: In 1996 two rare diamond-eyed cats were married at a lavish ceremony in Thailand. It cost their owner more than $16,000 plus a dowry of $23,000. The groom arrived in a Rolls Royce, the bride arrived by helicopter, and both wore pink satin outfits.

Most Spoiled Cat: Cherry Pop, a beautiful red Persian, is probably the most spoiled cat in the U.S. Her 14th birthday party was a black-tie affair celebrated aboard a chartered yacht with 150 guests at a cost of $20,000 for the evening.

Here is some short stories about cats.


Tiger the cat saved her owners' lives when she noticed that a pile of varnished-soaked rags was smoldering--and rousted Paul and Lynn Ruble out of bed in the nick of time! Tiger's agitated meowing awoke the couple in time for Paul to snuff out the fire just as their Newbury Park, Calif., home was set to go up in flames.


There's no more loyal buddy than Sparky the cat, who bravely hurtled herself at a savage pit bull that was mercilessly ravaging Sparky's poodle pal Lacy Jane.
The heroic four-pound fur ball sank her claws into the pit bull's head and scratched and hissed until the bully dog took to its heels and ran for its life.

Although poodle Lacy Jane was badly injured, thanks to Sparky, she's still alive today. "Spark's a real heroine," declared the owner of both Sparky and Lacy Jane. "Another moment or two, and Lacy Jane would have been dead."

"As a reward, we bought her a can of expensive cat food. She ate it all, then strolled away with her nose in the air. She knew it was no more that she deserved."


Charlotte Holm Larsen had given up hope of ever seeing her missing kitten Venus again--until an animal shelter phone to say Venus had turned up.

Ony problem: It was a full 11 years later!

So where was Venus, who went astray while her Copenhagen, Denmark, owner was on vacation--all that time?

Apparently the cat was found and looked after by members of a Cats' Friends Society in a town 160 miles from Venus' home.

But a decade went by, and it was only when grooming Venus that her adopted parents discovered a faint tattooed identification number under her fur, which led them to her original owner.


Mimine the gritty kitty trudged over 250 miles in 22 months to be reunited with his 12-year-old master.

This faithful feline was separated from his young owner, Bertrand Craye, when the boy and his parents visited their summer home in the south of France. When they returned two-year-old Mimine had run away!

The family searched for a month and finally adopted another cat. Months later, they returned to their country home. And after they arrived. Mimine showed up!

The courages cat had traveled 250 miles over fields, roads, woods and even the River Seine to reach them. He was skin and bones and walked with a limp, but otherwise was fine.


If cats really have nine lives, then Bozley the kitten has used up quite a few already.

Bozley survived an ordeal that would have killed a lesser breed. She got into trouble as she was investigating the family washing machine in her London home--and finished up going through the prewash, spin, and hot wash cycles.

She was saved when her owner was alerted by a strange bumping noise. Bozley was rushed to the vet and, incredibly, after an injection and a nap, she was as right as rain eight hours later.

The above information was taken from a little book "The all new ABCs of CATS". By Martha Moffett 1999 MicroMags 600 East Coast Avenue, Lantana, FL 33464-0002. printed in the USA.

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